false Super sticky(blue)

レギュラー価格 ¥2,090 (税込) 単価  あたり 

税込 配送料全国一律700円(税別)。



Super sticky(blue)


カーボングリップから発売されている液体チョークの中で最も粘着性の高いもの。ピンクの液体チョーク(Sticky)に配合されている物質が、ピンクより2倍の量で配合されたブルー(Super Sticky)は下地としてもお勧めです。少量手に取って乾いたら粉末チョークを重ねてつけるのもブランドより推奨されています。











High-Performance Sport Liquid Chalk, A clean replacement for the chalk powder dries on your hands within seconds


Extra Dry(Black)

The Dry strong version.
For those seeking a dry grip. A great replacement for the usual workout gloves.


Unique sticky texture version.
For those who need some extra grip. A great solution for sweaty  palms.


Super sticky(Blue)

Higher sticky texture version.
For those seeking a sticky grip. A grate prime coat for the common chalk powder.



  • Dries quickly, only a few seconds and you’re ready to go!!
  • Economic, a small portion is sufficient.
  • Lasts a lot longer, our fine grind chalk mixed with our special thickener last longer on the hand than any other product.
  • Doesn’t leave a stain, the magnesium stick to your hands and keep you clean from dirt.
  • Keep the air clean, with no particle entering into your Lungs you are safe from any harmful drying agents or impurities.
  • Maintain a healthy skin, the mixture of high-quality magnesium with a fine grinding helps to keep your skin healthy and prevents blisters, cuts, and other common injuries.

    User guide
    Make sure your hands are fully dry. Simply squirt onto your palms a small amount and spread it all over your hands and fingers, then allowed around 15 seconds to dry. dry.
    Note: if it takes longer to dry, you have applied too much liquid or your hands weren't fully dry. After the alcohol in the chalk dries, a dry white base layer of chalk covers your hands. and you are ready to start your workout.   For an extra stiffness, a couple of thin layers as mentioned above will improve your grip.
  • Super sticky(blue)

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